Saturday, August 25, 2012

Middle halft year on trip - Part One.

From May 2th to August 24th, I did four trips, to Culiacan City and Mexico City.

The first trip started on May 2th, it was a work-trip. I travel to Culiacan to implement the update of  SAT 2012 to the system of electronic invoice emision of Casa Ley. 
It was my first travel to Culiacan, and my firs travel by plane, it was exciting. I never had been in Culiacan and neither had flown by plane.

Culiacan is dry, very very dry, and small, is like half size of Guadalajara City (or minus). I was accommodate at Los 3 Rios Hotel, it is near of the headquarters of Casa Ley. For eat, I went to Vips Restaurant, near of the hotel. My budget per day was a pretty little so I paid for the cheap pack's for food.

My workday was of 9 hour, some days, was larger than 9 hours, up to 10 or 11 hours, it was a hardwork. The trip  lasted five weeks!!!. I return to Guadalajara City on June 2th.

From June 3th to June 5th I was in Guadalajara City, and preparing to my next trip... México City!.

It's travel wasn't by Work,  this travel was for medical topics. It was time of my medical appointment at the Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia "Dr. Ignacio Chavez". This hospital is the best about cardiovascultar diseases and cardiovascular malformations, and has a international prestige and a lots of articles and publications on magazines and e-magazines.

INC makes its own valves, protheses and other implants, by natural or artificial material.

After receive some good news, it return to Guadalajara City in the night of June 7th (I was in Mexico Cite form Junte 6th to June 7th.

This only one part of all this adventure, coming soon I'll write about the next.

I write you later.

¿What's Casa Ley?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of my dreams

The las christmas, I turned one of my dreams: spend Christmas in México City.

All begun when I went to México City on December 12th. I had to go with the doctor to medical chek at the INC. This time, I and my mother stayed in my grand mother's house, in the Colonia Roma. My grand mother and her daugther expects that this Christmas all family stay in her house. For my and my mother this were uncertain, we didn't have plan to Christmas, we didn't know if we could return to Mexico for Christmas....

However, I took the lead and promise to my grand Mother that me and my mother were back to Mexico City for Christams (I didn't know how to)

Was the middle night of December 23, I and my mother were waiting for the time to take the bus. Is the "new" (when I was a kid, it was still the "new") Bus Station of Guadalajara. The station were vey fullllll, almost we turned crazy. 
We arrived to México City near of the 7:00am of the Decemeber 24th, we made almost 40 minutes to leave the bus (a lots of buses were wating for into the bus station), next step: Grand Mother's House.

We took a taxi, in México City, a taxi could be 50% more cheap than in Guadalajara City. On 40 min - 1 hour we arrived to the house of my grand mother.
In the house there were one uncle, one aunt and one cousin  (yes, this are the family by my mother). At the night will arrive two old friends of the family.

Yes... it was Christmas, it was Mexico City, and these were family that since many years didn't join. We dinner pork loin and spaghetti. We went to bed almost 4:00 am and tomorrow... it will be a great day.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A little of C# and SQL

This are two simple functions that reads and works with information obtained of a SQL Command "select"

The first function gets one parameter like a Primary Key and with a SQLReader object and SQLCommand, the function returns true o false, depends of the SQL Sentence has or not rows. If the SQL Sentense has rows, the function returns false, if the SQL Sentence hasn't rows, the function returns true
The following function make a similar work.
This recieve a parameter and execute a SQL Sentence (with the parameter received) and the rows obtained are saved in a SQL Data Reader object. Then, all field are collected in a string, separated by a '¿'.

The goal of this is have a easy way to work and manipulate the data obtained of a SQL Sentence

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time of take Photos

The next week I will try go around of the downtown for hunter some photos. I have long time that i don't take photos.

In other topics, I feeling really happy because I finish my degree course in quality system, so, coming soon I recieve my engineer title.

See you soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't see any foot!!!

"I don't see any foot", this is what Jorge said when he entered to the photo exhibition in FOTOJAL, where one of my photos is exposed, with other photos of more 50 photographers.

The title of my photo is "Acompañame". I took this photo in Chapala Lake, more of one year ago . Mi father appears in the photo, with other friend, both are fishing.
I really expect win the contest, although there are a lot of interesting and go photos, this don't be easy.

This is my photo exposed in FOTOJAL:

Acompañame a pescar

I invted you to visiti the photo exhibition in FOTOJAL, this is the address and the squeduler:

Fotojal • Asociación fotográfica jalisciense •Madero 807 Col. Americana.
A media cuadra del Expiatorio. Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Birthday number 22

Since the last saturday (3th September) I'm 22 years old, and my friends, Said, Jorge, Marcos and Mich made a little (but funny) party for me.

First, in the morning, I went to the bank for register three of my photos on a constes get organized by Asociacion Fotográfica Jalisciense (FOTOJAL). After I wento to eat bagette in the restaurant "La Provincia", near of Chapultepec avenue... in the afternoon began the funny.

At 6:00pm I met with Jorge in the Plaza Galerias, where we bought five enormous hamburger of Carl's Junior and then we went to the Said's house.  A little time after Jorge and me arrived to Said's house, Mich and Marcos arrived too.
We ate the hamburger and at eight o'clock, I cut the cake and played "Risk" over time much.

Was a strange plarty with a strange gift, Said gift me a black Widow Spider baby !!!!! (in a bottle of coffee) and of this way, I said "Hello" to the 22 years old.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

About my travels

Cargado originalmente por Mister Molacho
One of the activities like to me is travel.

Meet people, places, and other cultures is gratifying for me.
I have visited México City (my favourite destination), Toluca, and Raíces (very near of the Toluca's snowed mountain) in Mexico's State, Uruapan and Zamona in Michoacan, Arandas, Mazamitla, Colotlan, Pto. Vallarta, Barra de Navidad and Tenacatita in Jalisco ,San Blas and Guayabitos in Nayarit, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo in Guerrero, Manzanillo in Colima, and my last travel went to Poza Rica, Ozoluama and Tuxpan, all these in Veracruz. (This photo is from Ozoluama).

Mexico City is a very big city, a lot of people don't like for living there, but I love this city. Mexico City has a lot of places to visit, for example: Bellas Artes, Coyoacán, Chapultepec's Castle, Angel de la Independencia, Paseo de la Reforma, the most populars, and the less popular like as Fidra Kahlo's house, The Crystal's House, The Excovneto of Carmelitas, in San Ángel, Cuicuilco's Pyramids (nera of UNAM), The Excovento of Merced (El Ex-covnento de la Merced), near of San Lázaro.

Tuxpan, Veracruz, has a beach very cool, with little depth and with 20 meters (more or less) in to sea and without waves

I always travel with my camera (or I try it), some 35mm films, but without tripode and batteries, (I just use batteries for flash, but a I don't prefer use it).

I want travel to Perú, I hope to do it the next january, I have a very very very very very big family in Peru.

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